Looking for a seasoned mediator, sought-after trainer, innovative facilitator or wise life coach?

Janine A. Higgins is a chartered mediator, an accredited family mediator and a former corporate commercial lawyer. She has been teaching courses for educational institutions, governments, corporations and organizations throughout Ontario and in several other provinces since 1994.

If you think Janine can be of service to you, please call her to discuss your situation. Initial telephone consultations regarding services are without charge.


Creative, cost-effective, personalized solutions to conflicts and disputes. See the Mediation page for more information.


Help in collective planning, consensus decision-making and efficient group processes, with a focus on proactivity and prevention of future conflict. Check out the overview on Facilitation page.


Practical, efficient, entertaining, hands-on, customized or off-the-shelf courses in conflict management, negotiation, facilitation and mediation. Visit the Training page to learn more about the topics and formats offered.


Confidential one-on-one consultation to facilitate individual growth, tackle important decisions, enhance professional development, and manage separation, divorce or workplace conflicts. Read more about this on the Coaching page.

More about Janine Higgins

Learn more about Janine's wide ranging areas of practice by browsing individual pages. If your situation requires immediate consultation please telephone her at 519-439-5136 or email her at Email: janine(at)janinehiggins.ca

UWO Courses

Please check my UWO Courses Page for seasonal schedule of courses I teach.

Photo by M. Cygalski.

Janine Higgins - Mediator ( a photo portrait )


I wish to commend you.... I was very impressed with your ability to decipher through the dialogue, and interpret, with accuracy, the essence of those dialogues. I truly enjoyed working with you and watching you work. You have a wonderful ability to put things in perspective for all parties involved.

Robert Beaudin, Kabuty Consulting