Conflict Resolution

In addition to all of the aspects of life coaching, I can also provide you with the benefit of my expertise in conflict management and negotiation, subjects I have been teaching since 1994.

This could include:

  • how to raise a subject or open a discussion
  • how to manage your own emotions
  • how to deal with others’ strong emotions
  • how to respond in conflict situations
  • how to prepare for a negotiation
  • working through a negotiation
  • helping you determine your priorities
  • creative problem solving
  • converting a destructive situation into a constructive one
  • which issues to focus on and which issues to let go

If you think I can be of service to you, please call me to discuss your situation. Initial telephone consultations regarding services are without charge.

UWO Courses

Please check my UWO Courses Page for seasonal schedule of courses I teach.

Janine Higgins - Coach ( a photo portrait, on the phone )