Life Coaching

Life coaching or personal coaching is ideal if you:

  • are at a transition in your life
  • are wrestling with a big decision
  • want to achieve your full potential
  • want to make a change in some aspect of your life or health
  • need to regain your equilibrium after a crisis or major disappointment
  • seek balance in your life
  • want to achieve big dreams
  • want to live in harmony with your values
  • are confronted with a challenging situation or person

My role is:

  • to listen deeply
  • to inspire
  • to validate and see the potential inside you
  • to confront you if needed
  • to hold you accountable to your own goals and commitments
  • to allow you to live and work in resonance with your values
  • to find clarity in perplexing issues
  • to facilitate you making decisions and plans for the future

If you think I can be of service to you, please call me to discuss your situation. Initial telephone consultations regarding services are without charge.

UWO Courses

Please check my UWO Courses Page for seasonal schedule of courses I teach.

Janine Higgins - Coach ( a photo portrait, on the phone )


Thank you very much for your help and wisdom during the past two years. Your skills as a coach helped me regroup, focus and become grounded again. I am rediscovering myself and it does feel wonderful.