Help in collective planning, consensus decision-making and efficient group processes, with a focus on proactivity and prevention of future conflict

Facilitation is a meeting that is guided by an objective third party - the facilitator. Using the group's own ideas, the facilitator streamlines the thought process and helps the organization glean the most valuable information from the session and distill future actions or direction.

Some potential reasons for facilitation are:

  • organizations - to develop mission statements, visions and strategic planning
  • troubled workplaces - repairing and restoring workplace relationships and team building
  • public consultation and other large meetings
  • focus groups

Janine is an engaging speaker and excellent listener. She is skilled in guiding meetings efficiently while allowing for all voices to be heard. She has facilitated for St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital, Woodstock Fanshawe Singers, the City of London, and the Municipality of Thames Centre. All have been very pleased with the results.

Janine commenced her facilitation practice in 1997 and completed the two year Advanced Facilitation Program with ICA Associates Inc. in Toronto in 2001.

Areas of Specialty:

  • public consultation
  • strategic planning
  • consensus building
  • facilitating discussions of a sensitive or conflict-producing subject
  • designing events for maximum participation/product in the time allotted

Clients Include:

  • municipalities
  • hospitals
  • professional organizations
  • businesses
  • families with succession planning
  • issues re farm or business

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More about Janine Higgins

Learn more about Janine's wide ranging areas of practice by browsing individual pages. If your situation requires immediate consultation please telephone her at 519-439-5136 or email her at Email: janine(at)janinehiggins.ca

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Janine Higgins - Mediator ( a photo portrait )