Estate Mediation

The purpose of estate mediation is to resolve conflict around the distribution of an estate. Issues can include will validity and dependent claims. Often it is siblings, or spouses and children who are involved.

As estates can often be quite large, estate mediation can be a huge money saver for all parties involved and preserve the value of the estate (court proceedings can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees).

Janine is familiar with the territory from her background as a lawyer and is able to work with parties and legal counsel to come to a collaborative solution that all parties contribute to.

She is available for estate mediations in London and southwest Ontario (travel expenses may apply). Please discuss with your counsel to determine if estate mediation would be right for you.

If your situation requires immediate consultation please telephone Janine at 519-439-5136 or email her at Email: janine(at)

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Janine Higgins - Mediator ( a photo portrait )