Family Mediation

The purpose of family mediation is for couples to reach a collaborative separation agreement. It allows couples to talk through issues in an open, neutral environment and to be able to continue being parents. It also can prevent escalation arising from hard feelings regarding court judgments. It is generally not advisable in situations where there is a history of domestic abuse or where one party feels threatened by the other.

People mediate to avoid going to court for a divorce as well as to consider changes in schedules, support agreements and children's educations. Couples sit down with Janine for confidential meetings where Janine helps them uncover what agreement would best serve each party. Janine does this with both parties present, but also holds confidential one-on-one meetings. It is highly recommended that each party have legal advice, but lawyers do not have to be present at the mediation proceedings.

Janine offers "comprehensive family mediation" in London -- she and the separating couple will address all relevant issues to the separation including children's schedules and care, support for spouse and/or children, and property issues. Please discuss with your lawyer if mediation is right for you.

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Janine Higgins - Mediator ( a photo portrait )