Workplace Mediation

Work place mediation is often necessary in cases where there has been an incident or misunderstanding between colleagues (occasionally between boss and employee) that has lead to a breakdown in the working relationship. It may have begun to affect the workplace atmosphere and/or co-workers.

Janine is often brought in by the Human Resources department or manager who wishes that the issue to be resolved in a timely and effective manner. Situations can include:

  • department amalgamations
  • job opening competition between colleagues
  • employment termination disputes
  • interpersonal conflict between colleagues or employees and managers
  • grievance mediation

Please discuss with your human resources department to see if mediation is suitable for your situation.

If your situation requires immediate consultation please telephone Janine at 519-439-5136 or email her at Email: janine(at)

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Janine Higgins - Mediator ( a photo portrait )