UWO Courses

In 1994, Janine began conducting training for Continuing Studies at the University of Western Ontario. She is the architect and principal instructor of its Alternative Dispute Resolution Certificate Program and teaches there approximately 30 days per year.

Usual Schedule

Please consult the Continuing Education website to check which of the following may be used towards The Professional Certificate in Conflict Management: Alternative Dispute Resolution.

  • Asserting Yourself Under Pressure (Fall)
  • Collaborative Conflict Resolution (Sessions in Fall, Winter & Spring) *
  • Facilitation Processes: Building Consensus and Creating Engagement (Fall & Spring) **
  • Mediation Skills and Processes (Winter)
  • Negotiation Skills and Processes (Spring)
  • Shifting from Positions to Interests (Winter)
  • Non-Neutral Mediation (Fall)
  • Resolving Workplace Conflict (Spring)
  • The Leader's Role in Resolving Conflict (Fall)

** This course may be used towards The Professional Certificate in Project Management.

* This course may be used towards The Professional Certificate in Management.

All above courses and seminars will be held at the Citi Plaza (formerly Galleria London) Unit 240. Room numbers and schedule details are available from the Continuing Studies website.


Please go to if wish to register in one of Janine's courses.

University of Western Ontario Continuing Education - Conflict Management Program - Janine providing one on one skills coaching in a small group setting.


I can sum it up in one word, wow!
     In my many years of education I have been instructed by many instructors but never have I had the calibre of instructor as I have had in the past two days.
     I very much enjoyed my course with Janine Higgins. I found her to be very enthusiastic, humorous, dramatic, entertaining, and most important, I was very engaged in her course. She taught from academic and life lessons. She had my attention for the entire two days.
     I just wanted to say something to Continuing Studies on how impressed I was with Janine. Sincerely can't wait to my next course with her in April.

Paula D'Orazio, C.I.M., P.Mgr., P.CRM